I’m looking forward to:

Seeing my feet again.
Having ankles.
Holding a brand new baby.
Smelling his soft baby hair.
Watching Jessica fall in love (hopefully).
Watching Aaron with a new baby.
Eating cake. And ice cream. Without caring.
Bending at the waist.
Wearing shoes made for feet, not balls at the end of my leg.
No more shots.
No more poking my fingers.
Breastfeeding again.
Sleeping on my stomach.
Being able to say “kids” and be talking about my own.
Having a sleeping baby in my arms while Jessica runs rampant outside.
Taking a walk without a stroller – one walking and one in a sling.
Meeting him, seeing him, recognizing him – knowing he fits in our life.
Life continuing without much interruption – just going with the flow.

3 thoughts on “I’m looking forward to:

  1. Apparently my post partum hormones are still raging because that just about brought me to tears! What a lucky soul he is to have you all as his family!

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