Etsy: Great Gifts for new moms and babies

Adorable, must kiss these feet, shoes
You know it, I know it, this kid is the coolest in the nursery
Monogram the baby now because later they will hate you for this.
Continue with being awesome
Every baby looks like an animal – how about we make it cuter?
Screaming: I’m destined to be fashionable!
They always get me with the fish
The boob will be coming out, lets just decorate it with some hip fabric and be trendy about it, though, ok?
More obvious.
Oooh, this one’s pretty
This is not for postpartum, but why didn’t I find this before!!??
Believe me, after birth – a little love to the skin and any woman’s person is, um, appreciated.
More stationary
Mmmmm, I love ferns
More stationary What lactating mother doesn’t love some paper???
Cucumber shampoo
She still looks pregnant, mention this to her and be sure to make her cry – give her some hair product, let it shine – and you’ll get smiles instead!
Give this to her FULL
Of Vodka
This has absolutely nothing to do with giving birth, or children – and congratulations – that means you have the perfect gift Fill them with tea, chai, chocolate … something decadent and even naughty – just for mom.

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