Now that I know how to sew I’ve been scouring the internet for free patterns of things I want to make. I really only pay attention to the patterns with photos because words and sewing don’t really go together for me. I need tutorials.
I’ve found some really good ones, a few I’ve used – and a few I plan to soon …
Making a Mei Tai
Dishtowel Apron
Lined Apron
T-shirt pillow I want to make these for Jessica and the baby out of a few funny t-shirts we have from when Jessica was a tiny baby. Computer/geek themed, of course.
Pillowcase dress
Another pillowcase dress
Crayon Roll
Bloomers (this pattern would have to be purchased)
If it’s bold, I’ve made it already.
Right now I have fabric to make curtains for our kitchen windows.
I have everything I need to finish Jessica’s doll quilt and after that I’ll be done with all current sewing investments. On the list next? I want to try the Mei Tai sling for the baby. I have some left over fabric from making his curtains that I just love – so maybe I’ll try to incorporate that into the sling some how. If I can figure it out.
And I really want to try to crayon rolls (linked to above) also – it looks easy but for some reason it looks complicated, too. Which is why I haven’t tried it yet. There’s a lot of steps. We’ll see. It would be so nice to have in the diaper bag for Jessica though! And to know how to make for gifts and what not. So I’m sure I’ll try to tackle it at least once, to see if I can do it. (The interfacing step scares me a bit and the ric-rac step feels tedious – so … maybe I’ll try one at time and build up to the full crayon roll as pictured. It doesn’t NEED ric-rac … )

3 thoughts on “Sewing

  1. Thanks for the links. I’ve recently gotten my sewing machine out (really the first time since it was given to me!) and can’t wait to really learn how to use it. I actually just stopped by Fields fabrics cause they have McCalls patterns for 2 for $3.00 and I just heard JoAnns has a sale on them too. Now I have so many projects I don’t know where to start! 🙂

  2. Ooooh!!! I didn’t know about that sale, I’ll have to check that out. Maybe I can find some bloomers patterns or something. Thanks for that tip!
    I love Fields – I think they know me by my face, I’ve been in there about 4 times this past week with questions – like – uh, I broke my needle what now? haha. They’re so great though.
    If you find any links or easy patterns – pass them along! I’d love to see what you sew 🙂

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