Slightly stressing about:

-Not having cleaned the baby car seat yet – it’s still in the attic at this point.
-Most of the “baby things” are still in the attic – and I’d really just like to take stock of what we have and clean them all before Junior makes his way into the world, right now this isn’t looking possible.
-The bake sale – I’m ready, but if I go into labor in the next 24 hours my freezer is full of crap instead of meals to feed my family. Which, ok, is maybe not such a big deal – but if I send Aaron to the store for groceries we’ll be eating lobster for dinner every night – with a side of canned mushrooms.

3 thoughts on “Slightly stressing about:

  1. I’ll come over with some meals if you go into labor in the next little bit, i have Saturday off šŸ™‚ No worries!

  2. well we hope so – all signs are pointing in that direction!! But we’re not expecting it either – you just never know.

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