Bake sale wind down

The Craft Fair was ok. I went to bed last night NOT wanting to participate, just because my feet were the size of footballs … literally. The water retention is kicking it up a notch over here and it’s a little painful. So I went to bed thinking we just wouldn’t go. Then I woke up on time this morning, without the alarm and thought – fooey. So after complaining about it to Aaron for about 10 minutes we decided to go and give it a try.
It wasn’t very busy – but since we had food we did ok. We probably broke even with our cost, so it wasn’t a total bust. And it was a super great way to keep me busy and my mind off this baby for the past week. After hearing promising news from the OB it’s hard to think of anything BUT labor. This was a great distraction.
We have another doc apt on Monday, which at this point, I think I’ll make it to. We’ll see what he says at that point. I’ve resigned myself to being pregnant for a few more weeks if thats what it takes. I just am so so ready to hold this baby in other regions of my body – than my womb. However, patience is a virtue – one I’m learning to acquire some more.

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