Key Phrases

Jessica’s coined a few phrases for her use …
“I’m so Frustrated of this!”
“That is berry cool!”
“That is not appropriate” Only this sounds more like – That is not prapropriate.
Last night we took her for a drive and as we’re passing the skate park downtown Holland she tells us “When I was little I used to skate there all the time!”. Of course Aaron and I burst out laughing because she’s talking like she’s her dad. She’s heard him tell her that on many occasions – so now it was her turn to be the grown up and tell us all about how she used to skate. At that park. When she was little. You may have had to be there. But it was awesome.

One thought on “Key Phrases

  1. I love it. I love how she’s growing up so much, but still so much of a little girl all at the same time!

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