Get off it

This is a pregnancy update – so I stop getting phone calls prefaced with – “Are you in the hospital?” “Are you in labor?”
Stop it. All of you – and you know who are. I am talking to you. Stop.
Had another non-stress test today – went really well. Baby is a happy little guy in there, everything is looking wonderful. No change in the labor department. I’m still 3 centimeters dilated and 65% effaced.
We will not be announcing when we are in labor, we hope to go in to labor very soon – but for the love, please stop calling me and asking me if it’s happened yet. And just because I don’t call you back doesn’t mean we are in labor either – it means I’m ignoring you. And I’m busy.

2 thoughts on “Get off it

  1. you go girl! good for you! you are under no obligation to announce to anyone when you go into labor (if you need to drop Jessica at our house on the way feel free we’re on the way!) i’m always amazed at how honest you are, i find it refreshing, and i wanted to affirm that in this post! you’re awesome!

  2. Oh man. Thanks Tracy šŸ™‚ We do have everything set up for Jessica when we do go into labor – so she’s all taken care of at this point, thanks for offering!!
    It’s not always easy putting it out there – but also I often think the only person who reads this is me in the archives, so I don’t generally think for an audience, which can be detrimental later – but … live and learn.

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