May Day Guide

May Day is May 1st and fast approaching. Here’s a few links and ideas, a guide, if you will, to the fun of it all. Get your kids or someone else’s kids involved and have a blast.
Cone Basket
Tabletop May Pole
Tissue Paper flowers
Fritters to make and put in your May Cone Baskets.
How to make paper flowers
I love that Jessica is at an age where she “gets” these little things. The fun holidays, crafts and ideas. This one is going to be fun because the whole idea is to leave a May basket at your neighbors door without being seen. So we’ll be “sneaky” while delivering our baskets. And making the fritters? Oh my goodness, she’s going to love that.
Our plan of action is to make Cone baskets, Fritters, and tissue paper flowers – we’ll make little cards that say HAPPY MAY DAY and hopefully foster a smile or two from our neighbors as they find these little treasures from Jessica.

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