Summer of Outrageously Awesome Festivities

This summer is shaping up to be something of a fantastical time. Weddings, vacations, mini get-aways, festivals and re-en statement of the weekly “Shoot The Shit” night with our friends.
Plus???!!! I won’t be pregnant any more. Jack. Pot.
Our tentative plans so far?
End of May – heading up to Leeland, Mi for the weekend – seeing one of our friends participate and kick some serious butt in a bike race. Go Brad!
Beginning of July – Possibly heading to Grand Marais, MN for our friend’s wedding and other festivities – like hiking and being awesome. Seeing waterfalls and, in general, celebrating life.
Some time in July – either taking a road trip or plane to Washington State to see my family – but staying there for a few weeks, hanging out.
Beginning of August – watching Jessica be the flower girl in our friends wedding and trying not to soak through whatever I’m wearing because seeing her be such a big girl in a such a monumentous occasion is sure to make me let down and then start crying profusely. Being Jessica’s mom is one of the finest things I’ve ever accomplished.
End of August – celebrating 5 years with Aaron – and taking a trip alone with him. No kids! Wohoo! Lets hope we don’t come home pregnant. heh. Right now we’re thinking a week in Napa Valley, CA.
Somewhere in there Jessica starts preschool – again with the crying and leaking. Who knows if I’ll ever be able to hold it together for her “Firsts” or her “Lasts” … I hope not.
We have a lot to look forward to and even more to be thankful for. This summer? Lets name it “The Summer of Outrageously Awesome Festivities”. Check.

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