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I’m going to enter a photo into a contest but I can’t decide which one, so I need your help.
Leave your choice in the comments section and the most popular one will be entered into the contest at
Choice #1
Choice #2
Choice #3
Choice #4
Choice #5
Choice #6
The photos are supposed to be what motherhood means to me. So this is what motherhood means to me …
It means long hours, long days, frustration and tears. It means holding my daughter when all hell breaks loose in her little world and being able to say “It’s OK” with confidence because I know with all my heart that it will be OK. It means hearing her giggle at herself and watching her find her personality in her everyday life. It means taking photos of those mistakes instead of making her feel like she’s the reason a mistake just happen – teaching her how to laugh at the unexpected instead of trying to control what’s out of our control. It means my heart hurting, bursting with love and pride and not knowing a single way to explain that to her – other than long hugs and lots of kisses. It means unconditional love, unconditional. It means I’d willingly throw myself into oncoming traffic to save her life before any one else’s. It means I have a mama-bear instinct where she’s concerned and that absolutely no one gets past it if my feathers are ruffled. Bottom line, what motherhood means to me is being there for my kids, in everything. Being available, being willing, being their biggest cheerleader and their teacher throughout life. It means being a happy, healthy woman so my kids know how to be happy, healthy people in this world – how to find peace and love and joy. It means there’s a never ending job to be done – one I take seriously, with my life and one I love doing. It means my kids are my breath of heaven.

10 thoughts on “Need your help

  1. This may or may not help as I am undecided…love them all but 2,3, & 4 are my favorites!!

  2. So far it looks like #2 has the most overall votes, so I’ll go with that one. Keep voting though! I have until the 9th to decide which one to enter. Thanks for your help!

  3. #2 … to me it says, “my life includes busy chaos, mundane chores, but I still find a way not to miss out on precious moments of wonder.”

  4. #3 or #4; love the first b/c it shows both of you; love #4 b/c kids will be kids šŸ™‚

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