Things I want to do

– Learn carpentry
– Own and operate a Chicken Coop B&B or small cottages
– See the Northern Lights
– Know what I’m talking about when it comes to wine
– Learn how to knit
– Make our bed every morning for one month straight (maybe it’ll turn into a habit?)
– Contribute to a website like
– Do a “Big Give” in our community
– Make an entire meal from my own garden and kitchen
– Say “Yes” to everything Jessica asks of me for a whole day and then write about the experience
Get my ankles back
– Vacation via switching houses with strangers from another place
– Visit Greece
– Buy fresh produce from a street market in Spain while a fresh baguette is hanging out of my shoulder bag. I’m also wearing a hat, scarf and amazing shoes.
– Sky Dive
– Bungee Jump
– Have a flower garden where I host an annual tea party for my friends
– Interview my grandparents on tape about their life, the changes they’ve seen in their lifetime
– Be more adventurous, say yes more often to things that intimidate me
Sell something on Etsy
Meet and name my son*
– Take more road trips
– Hang our photography around the house – some of it non-kid related.
– Buy a macro lens, telephoto lens and flash for our camera
– Build one of our next homes
– Spend a week acting like tourists in our own town (Tulip Time doesn’t count)

*Italic means I’ve done it!

3 thoughts on “Things I want to do

  1. wow, we have a lot of the same things we want to do. but not the bungee jumping or skydiving for me. šŸ™‚ how are you feeling?

  2. Ha make the bed! I am sooo glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t do this. My mother would be so embarrassed if she knew all her hard work on trying to get me to do it when I was young just flew out the window when I moved out. At least it gets done when I wash the sheets or we have company that I know hasn’t seen our new house yet. šŸ™‚

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