I just found out that my Grandma was pointed towards this site and has actually checked it out – same with my Aunt. (Hi Grandma!! Hi Aunt Ranae!!) And since I don’t have an “About me” page or any type of blurb on this site about why I do this – I thought I put it here for now and hopefully not be thrown out of the family for shocking my grandparents.
Shocking people is actually something I don’t mind, it doesn’t bother me. I’m an honest person, an opinionated one – I know this about myself, I’ve accepted it. I live well within these lines. I also know how to play by the rules and within guidelines.
When I write on this website I do it knowing that some of the people I know, some of the people I see regularly, read it. I know because they tell me, or leave comments. I always write a post like I’m out to coffee with my best girlfriend and we’re just swapping stories. Which is why my grammar is never perfect and my sentences are almost always incorrect. I write like I talk. It’s a bit of a mess – but we’ve all gotten over that.
I also some times use 4 letter words, some times they’re 5 letters or eight letters, in any event you all know what I’m talking about. I don’t do that for shock or for lack of better wording. I do it because it’s where I am at the moment I’m writing – it’s what I’m thinking and feeling and because writing is like therapy for me – I just put it all on paper.
So – I don’t write these things to embarrass any one. I do it because this connection to the outside world is some times the only thing I have throughout the day that doesn’t consist of a diapered, needy child asking for yet another snack when dinner is 15 minutes away. It’s something all my own, something of myself that I get to look back on and see how far I’ve come or what I’ve made it through – see the celebrations we’ve had and I’ll always, always have these words to share with Jessica and Oliver some day.
Because being a parent and being human is important to me.

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