apparently this doesn’t deserve a title.

Um, I know. I’m a liar. You know what I did with all my free time on Friday? I felt guilty, first of all. Because I even had free time – so I cleaned up a little bit. Then Oliver wanted to eat, so I fed him – and then, well … then we both fell asleep. And we slept. For almost 3 hours.
Didn’t even crack open the laptop or browse Etsy.
I’m going to have to bring out the book of ideas for writing here pretty soon because even though it’s fun to hear about the different experiences we’re having with 2 kids – this website is more than a chronological memory keeper of my parenting. I have other things to say too – I just can’t think of any right now. Maybe this is writers block, not unlike a clogged milk duct. Just nurse through it.
Or something like that.
In any case – having two kids versus one is going quite well. We have our moments or afternoons, obviously. But being that I feel I’m pretty laid back about most things, taking things in stride – I feel like there hasn’t been a HUGE adjustment. The biggest adjustment is how much I miss Aaron. We’re together more, it seems – parenting – each of us having one child at a time – but one on one time with him is less and in the first week postpartum I spent a good amount of time crying about this. We had our fist date night last week – something we do every week and now it’s even more important to me. I also have very unrealistic fears for the first postpartum week – like Aaron seeing me in my milk soaked night shirt and listening to both kids cry at the same time he looks at me, grabs his computer and says – ‘See ya later, I’m outta here. I forgot to tell you I didn’t want this life.’
Yeah, I’m afraid he’s going to leave me. He calms those fears and remembers to spend a little extra time with me that first week and then we’re all set, it seems.
Hormones do weird things to a lactating girl.

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