Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was great. We went up to Irons, Mi where my mom just bought a cottage to rent out. We were the first people to stay in it – it was awesome.
Mostly we relaxed and sat by the water while Jessica played in it. We took boat rides, at meals together – Aaron rode on the quads – on Sunday we went to Leland to see some of our friends for the afternoon, then back to Irons for the night and another relaxing day.
I’m having a few problems uploading the last of the photos – but check back later, they should be there soon.
We figured out that dairy and acidic foods are not friendly to Oliver, though. Dairy is no big deal – but acidic foods – like salsa and tomatoes, oranges … I love that stuff. Right now I’m not eating either – maybe in a few months I can reintroduce a little of each and see if he agrees with it then.
Figuring out the balance of my life with two kids has come to a head. The excitement and adrenaline of giving birth and the newness of life has worn out a bit – now I’m just exhausted and emotional. Still in the postpartum weeks so I know this will fade with time – and it all gets easier. It’s actually not hard – which is the part that frustrates me the most I think. If it was harder I would feel ok about being Blue sometimes – but it’s easy for me – except the not sleeping as much – but I sleep whenever both kids are sleeping – so I don’t have anything to complain about, really.
And I’m bummed I don’t have time for some of the things that I used to do often, like write here – about other things than motherhood or quick family updates. I crave the day when I can sit and put my thoughts down without being interrupted or needed for a small stretch of time. In the meantime though I am focusing on enjoying where we are right now. Holding a new baby doesn’t last forever and watching Jessica become a lady is a timeless stage of life that I don’t want to miss.
We’ll get there.

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