What does it cost to have a baby in Michigan?

A lot. But I’ll break it down for you.

Our OB’s cost was a flat $2,700 – which included all my prenatal visits and a few lab tests. Did not include ultrasounds, other lab tests or any Gestation Diabetes mumbo-jumbo.

Ultrasounds were $125 a pop. We had three.

When we first called the hospital to inquire about the cost of giving birth – this is the run down we were given:

Vaginal birth = $4,758
Newborn, no complications = $1,620
Epidural = $185
C-section = Ranges from $6,300 – $11,500

Actual bills we’ve received from hospital:

The birth = $3,779.15 (the vag birth)
Oliver’s cost = $943.14 (the “Newborn” fee)

We’ve had plenty of lab bills – all have been paid. I might detail those here too, if I get around to it – and we’re pretty sure we’re not done getting bills from the hospital. In the next few weeks we should know the grand total of what we owe them. Our OB is paid in full and all our other medical bills, not including the birth or Olivers newborn cost have been paid to date. So … we’re half way there in some ways.

Wanna know what we paid to give birth to Jessica???

Sixty american dollars.

Who’s crying with me right now?

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