To my first baby,

Miss Jessica,
What a treasure you are. It’s been a while since I’ve written you a public letter and since I wrote Oliver one recently I decided it was time to get another one to you out here. I’ve taken to writing you letters by hand in a journal so you’ll be able to have them, in my penmanship, later in life.
So – you’re a big sister, this is the big news. You’ve taken to Oliver like a moth takes to a flame. He’s your baby, unless he’s crying – then you say – Mom, your baby is crying. Haha, I love it. He’s just started to smile when he’s not sleeping and when you’re around he gives them more freely. He’s enamored with you – your antics, your voice, your crazy hair. He loves to watch you.
We had a hard time, you and me, when we brought Oliver home from the hospital – I couldn’t sort out my feelings about everything and you were confused, too. Good thing we have Dad, huh? We figured everything out and now I can say that I know how to love both my kids individually and wholly for who they are.
You have become quite the girls girl this year, loving to dress up and wear jewelery – it’s VERY rare to see you wearing pants these days – so we wash the 4 dresses you own almost daily. If you’re not wearing a dress or skirt you’re most likely butt naked – and playing in the sand box. Your vivacious character and zest for life is contagious and the thoughts you form into words leave me speechless most of the time. You are one smart cookie.
We’re very excited to start you in preschool this year, not only are you more than ready for this but you ask almost every morning if you can go to school today – because your back pack is packed and it’s TIME!!! And the time, by the way, is always 8:00 – everything is 8:00 to you.
Jessica, there’s so much to tell you and remind you of how special and fun you are at this age – you challenge us almost daily and we’ve been pretty hard on you, we know – but you can take it. You’re only 3, which is something I have to remind your father of on more than one occasion – he seems to think that because you can speak in complete sentences also means you should be thinking in abstract thought patterns – which – at 3, lets face it, might happen on accident, but not on purpose. You’re perfect for who and where you are in life. You are 100% Jessica to us.
You are our breath of Heaven, always and forever.
I love you,

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