Mama wants a deck

You know how some parents plan their kids’ lives? They like football, so of course their son will be a football player. Or they never made it to through dance class, so their daughter WILL make it through.
We didn’t do any of that with Jessica, didn’t really have any unresolved issues from our own childhoods – not that thats always the reason for mirroring onto your child, but still. We just didn’t make our dreams for her her dreams for herself.
Well, um. Oliver? We’re putting all that pent up heat on you. We would love it if by the age of like 4 you knew how to use an electric drill, a nail gun, the saw. You know – the simple things. We will totally invest thousands of dollars into your education as a craftsman because mama wants a deck. On the cheap. (Shut up, I know that buying all the tools and lumber will probably equal paying someone else to do it, but so what – we invest once with Oliver and not only do I get a deck, I might get that new kitchenette in the basement or a tree house!)
Of course we’ll love you no matter what you decide to do! Goodness.
But we’ll love you more if you do what we want you to do. HA!
I’m going to let you sweat and think I’m serious about that last statement. Recant! Recant!

One thought on “Mama wants a deck

  1. This makes me laugh because I keep on telling people that I’m forcing Levi to be left handed … he has a good arm on him already, and left handed pitchers make the big bucks in Major League Baseball, so I keep on telling people I’m forcing him to be a left handed pitcher because I want a REALLY nice retirement home someday. Hehe.

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