Baby weight update – Weight Watchers

This week on Weight Watchers I didn’t lose any additional weight. This could be because I had 2 days where I didn’t keep track of my food, which usually makes for a harder week, or it could be because our scale is a little possessed. It weighs the air when we’re not around and then moves the temperament of the scale on it’s own. So I think I’ll be buying a new scale this week and re-trying the weigh-in – but I’m happy with the progress thus far.
I also had my 6 week check up with my OB yesterday, he was very pleased with my weight and how far I’ve come already – since the birth I’ve already lost 26 pounds – granted most of that was Oliver and all his living environment in the womb, and water – oh the water! He also let me know that my goal weight shouldn’t be what the charts say it should be. So – my goal has changed a bit – I don’t have as far to go as I thought!
Let’s keep it up all you lurkers out there in the same boat – I’m going to go ahead and say you’re doing awesome, we’re all doing awesome – and you look fabulous!

2 thoughts on “Baby weight update – Weight Watchers

  1. I lost two pounds this week!! We’ll have to eat good tonight!! Are you going to the classes or just weighing yourself in? I’m just doing it on my own. I have the old books from WW last fall!

  2. AWESOME! We didn’t do so good tonight, though did we? haha. Since I already told you, I’ll just write it here incase others are wondering – I’m doing Weight Watchers online – so I weigh myself once a week and record it online … very handy. I might go to a meeting though, just to check it out.

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