Trying to induce a baby who is just fine being stuck inside

I can’t remember if I ever wrote about the what we went through trying to get Oliver to come into this world on his own – I desperately wanted to go into labor without being induced, but I wanted the baby out of me even more.
So – we tried everything. Literally.
Drank salsa – didn’t even give me acid reflux.
Castor Oil – did absolutely nothing to my system, I didn’t even get cramps.
Started pumping my milk at about 37 weeks to induce contractions – nada.
Walked, walked and walked some more. Baby did not drop.
Sex. Yes. Lots of it – nothing to show for it. (Of course in the end, Oliver is the ONLY thing to show for it, but thats another story and one I won’t be telling)
Raspberry leaf tea – made me pee, didn’t give me contractions.
Acupressure – I bought books on this stuff and tried it continuously … I do believe that this could work but it takes a whole lot of commitment and time – and either way it did nothing for me.
Massage – went and had one around 37 weeks I think – she did everything she could to trigger contractions and of course, nothing – NOTHING happened.
Pretty much Oliver was just a happy little guy in there and not completely ready to be born so we had to induce and force him to come on out and play with us. He was healthy, an easy birth once everything started and has had a great go at life so far. I wonder how big he would have been had we let him come on his own – and if that happened, would I have been able to even give birth to him naturally? All things we’ll never know, and really – they don’t even matter. We have him now and thats all that counts.
But – Buyer Beware!!! When you’re that close to having the baby and your doctor thinks you’ll go any day – you’ll do about anything and believe almost everything you read or hear to get that baby out. Just … take it all with a grain of salt.

2 thoughts on “Trying to induce a baby who is just fine being stuck inside

  1. All’s well that ends well I say…you were definately successful although not as precipitous as desired. I did work really hard on that massage! Thanks for giving me credit for the old college try! I will be available should you decide to give it another go…
    Your family is beautiful! Best wishes!

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