Romanticizing the mornings

If I were an avid runner this would be a beautiful morning to go for a jog. If.
I’m awake this morning (6 am) after Oliver’s latest feeding and feeling great. Actually going to sleep at 10 pm works. Huh.
I some times have the urge to just wake up and run but then I remember how tired I am and that I like sleeping more than sweating so I stay in bed – but this morning, I don’t know. It would be nice. I like to run – for the solitude, the thinking time, the general beauty of being outside and exercising however at the same time I hate running in public because I’m insecure about it.
Lets just be honest – a nursing mom who runs isn’t running alone – she’s got Jasper and Horace on her chest to keep her, and all the passersby, company. Real solitude, not exactly. So I generally stick to the treadmill these days and get Jessica’s commentary constantly.
I also have this way-over romanticized idea of waking up early every morning and going for a swim, at the local pool or my mom’s lake – really it’s just the idea of being ready to meet the day in a way that says – I’m here, I’m ready – I’m available for life. And for some reason I see myself in a black swim suit – slowly walking to the end of the dock, fog rising and all I do is inhale, drop my towel and dive in.
Good morning.

2 thoughts on “Romanticizing the mornings

  1. It is a gorgeous morning isn’t it? But yet I sit here on the computer for a few moments of silence before the still over tired kid wakes up. I used to love running in the mornings, but it’s kind of hard to leave with a little one still asleep inside. šŸ™‚ Maybe one of these days we’ll be able to get a treadmill and I can pull it outside!

  2. I went out walking this morning after i woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep, granted this was later than 6am! It was a great morning! I think I’m going to try walking more, it was wonderful today–I actually went up to your road, not your actual street, but the one you turn on from 32nd.

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