Going on a Holiday – hooray!

We’re heading up to Grand Marais, MN for the holiday weekend. A friend is getting married up there and we’re using it as an excuse to have some fun.
We’ll be staying in a little studio for a few nights while we’re up there. We are driving our way – so we’ll take our time, and hotel it somewhere along the way – ideas? tips? things we must see???
We LOVE road trips and thankfully Aaron’s parents are letting us borrow their minivan for this one since our family has grown. We’re looking forward to the extra room to stretch. I’m so excited, too, because Jessica will probably remember some of this trip – some of the things we see and do and I can’t wait to make some of those memories.
The 4th of July is also my dad’s birthday – he’ll be 53 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!
Look out for some photos – I’ll try to put a few up as we go, although I’ll be without my computer since it, also, has taken a trip to the crapper. Yup. The external hard drive and now my laptop. Oh – on top of the over $6,000 we still have left in medical bills from Olivers birth. Yea – this has been an awesome month for us financially. Good thing we have a sense of humor, kind of.
Even better that we’re not drowning – God will provide. He always does.
Happy Independence day!!

One thought on “Going on a Holiday – hooray!

  1. Have a great trip! The studio you’re staying in looks so cute and cozy. Your first vacation with kidSSSS! How fun. I really admire the way you’re trusting in God right now … hang in there.

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