Memory lane

Age 5: My parents decide it’s time for me to quit sucking my thumb so they put me through a program our dentist has designed. It includes wearing an ace bandage to bed to cut off the circulation to my hand when I put it to my mouth. It also includes prizes at the end of each successful week and a “big prize” when I’ve completed the course. I choose a pull-string, stuffed Micky Mouse as my “big prize”. I started sucking my thumb again when I was 8.
Age 6: Kindergarten. My preschool crush was held back – his name was Collin and I only get to see him at recess, we hide under the picnic tables and he kisses me on the cheek. I like John instead.
Age 7: My family moved to Michigan from Texas – the day we got to our house I ran wild in the basement yelling “We’re here! We’re here!”. I felt like I was invincible. Warm pop and melted ice awaited us from my aunt and uncle.
Age 8: We live in another house – the one we built after moving to Michigan, I have my own room for the first time in my life. I sleep in the hallway with my sister and we pass a denim purse back and forth with notes that say “I miss you”. Also, my dad leaves and I start sucking my thumb again. The morning we find out my dad is moving out my mom tells us at breakfast – she stopped making breakfast that morning.
Age 9: Third grade. Mr. Howell is my teacher – and I’m so pumped about this because my cousin Michelle told me he’s the coolest teacher to have because you get to eat snacks in class. SNACKS! IN CLASS! I love school.
Age 10: My first big birthday party. I picked the cake that looked like it was underwater with an octopus on the top (my mom made it for me) – I wore pink short over alls and we played cartwheel games in the backyard. I remember thinking “Maybe this is what they mean by ‘popular'”.

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  1. Interesting what experiences stick in our memories. Always such a mixed bag, too. I could feel the pain, joy, and elation. What it means to be human dear girl!

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