Gym hangover

I took a Group Power class at the gym this week and was all “This is great, I can do this!” “Look at me power lifting 10 pound weights!” “I’m going to be tone in no time at all!”.
Uh huh. Then I woke up the next morning. My right elbow didn’t even work – it wasn’t the muscle pain you normally feel in your abs after 100 sit ups, no no – this was pain. I had a thought that maybe I broke something and then brushed it off because seriously. It’s just weights. I couldn’t have done anything damaging.
Then I woke the next morning. My left elbow didn’t work and the back of my neck was swollen. That would be from all those lunges you do with the weights hoisted on your neck. Oh right. Sure. Wonder Woman 2 days ago is now thinking that she may never go to the gym again.
Then I woke up this morning. I forgot about my elbows – they worked themselves out somewhere in there but my upper arms and legs – forget about it. I have no idea how I’m able to walk or get up from a chair and today is the wedding!! THE WEDDING! Jessica’s the flower girl and she’s been waiting for this wedding for about 6 months – asking me EVERY SINGLE MORNING if Today! Is! The! Day!?
So, yes honey – today is finally the day that you get to marry David (which is what being the flower girl is to her – getting married to the groom or her dad, she changes her mind every day) and it’s also the day that mommy has an advil coma because she doesn’t want to miss this for the world.
Don’t get ambitious and start a group exercise class the week before the biggest moment in your child’s life to date. Just an FYI.

One thought on “Gym hangover

  1. I know how you feel. While it’s been a long time since this happened, I decided to play racketball with an old friend one day. We played hard! and for about 3-hours. The next day I had all I could do to move out of bed to go the the john! It took a couple of days before I could move normally without things hurting in a major way.
    Moderation, and working your way up into it is really useful. Now, if you go back and do this again, it shouldn’t be as bad, and eventually, it would be a piece of cake.

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