Dinnerware roundup: My fav’s

Creme Colored, plain A classic – good for photographing food or just feeling neat.
Learning to make Sushi? Awesome, serve up those cabbage rolls right here. Thank you.
I’m a serious sucker for all things floral but not your Grandma’s cross-stitched floral – no I like the pretty ones.
Kind of reminds me of Jadeite, which kind of reminds me of orgasms and I don’t have more to add to that.
Let’s follow that up with a footed soup bowl because this fall’s new flannel blanket looks better when there’s soup brewing.
Rimmed porcelain I like this, but I can’t explain why.
Um, I kind of want to call this one “The slut of all dinnerware” because no matter what else I find I’m always going to be thinking about those fine bird legs and aqua feather strokes. Lenox, you naughty little tramp.
Fiestaware of course I’d pick turquoise, shamrock and plum for starters and go from there.
Maybe all this blue, aqua and turquoise is coming because I just had a baby boy?
I would buy chickens just to make this photo a reality for my kitchen table

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