I would like a do-over today.
It all started with hoping to sell our Hobie-cat today when finally half an hour past the supposed arrival of the prospect buyers we called them only to find out that – HEY! They decided not to come out today. We only wasted our entire holiday morning WAITING for them, for nothing.
So I cried.
Then I went to put on some jeans – and they had gone through the dryer, which is a cardinal sin, only to have them rip upon the entry of my thighs.
So I cried some more. And then daydreamed about cutting off my thighs with a butter knife. I gave birth, whats a butter knife got on me?
I’m feeling desperate for some change in my day today – otherwise we’re going downhill fast over here. I just need to start over, a do-over. A promise of a relaxing, fun filled family day.
We’re piling in the car and taking off – where to? SOMEWHERE THAT IS NOT HERE. I’ll let you know how it goes.
In some very exciting news – I’m working with a few potential giveaways for this site. I’m very excited about them and think you’ll all drool over them too. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Do-over

  1. Lurker here….but wanted to say hi!!
    You are so right, pants in the dryer is definitely a cardinal sin lol….fortunately, I’ve finally got my kids and hubby trained!!
    Hope your day gets better….sounds like you have some fun plans!!

  2. I love lurkers! yay!! Hi!
    Yes – this too did pass – after getting in the car and driving to another town aimlessly – we found lunch and a better outlook on the day. Things have been looking up since.
    Although – the pants in the dryer … yeah, that still stinks – and it was all my fault. I just know better now. And will probably use the ripped jeans to make something with, quilt? who knows.

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