Sit down, PC.

I recently dropped my laptop and the monitor when kaput – so happy we insured our personal computers because later this week my brand spankin’ new MacBook is being delivered to our house.
I have never owned a Mac. I know. I know! I’m married to this guy and my head has been in the sand with a PC for 5 years. We’ve always needed a PC around for testing in browsers and whatnot – but now that you can have virtual PC on a Mac, it was a matter of time.
I’m a little nervous about this switch because even though I know that yellow’s will be more yellow and white will be whiter – all of life will look better from behind a Mac, I’m so used to working with a PC. I know it’s shortcuts – I’ve memorized the distance of the keyboard so I don’t hit “home” instead of “backspace” but I’m ready for a change. I’m ready to revolutionize my internet experience. My user experience from behind a monitor in general is about to blow my mind.

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