First Day of Preschool GIVEAWAY!

In honor of Jessica’s first day of preschool I’m happy to sponsor this give away!
This 2 disc set also comes with a Flash Card set – Go Fish. With this software your preschooler (ages 3-4) will learn Comparing, Categorizing, Problem Solving, Thinking Skills, and Following Directions.
All you have to do is leave a comment and answer this question:

“What was your most memorable first day of school?”

It can be about your school days, or one of your childs’, maybe you even know a great story from your grandparents – we want to hear about it!
Contest ends at 9pm Eastern time September 2, 2008. I’ll personally pick the winner for this one, with the help of my lovely husband and Jessica, herself, who loves a good story. Winner will be announced September 3, 2008.
Now, go tell your friends! We’ll ship to US and Canada (or if you’re local, drop it off), so sorry if you’re outside of these guidelines – but a giveaway is coming for you, too. Stay Tuned!

4 thoughts on “First Day of Preschool GIVEAWAY!

  1. alright this is my most memorable first day of school!
    It was my first day of kindergarten and I was waiting in the lawn by the side of our driveway for the bus to come (it was a short bus, but not a “short bus” it was just a small bus for kindergardeners!!) I was all excited about my first day, and I wanted to wait early for the bus. I put on my backpack and stood there in the grass (not the driveway, my mom wasn’t sure if the bus would pull in the driveway or just stop so I could get on) just waiting. My mom and dog, Jeremiah, were waiting with me, and finally the bus came! I could barely wait until the door was open to get on, and get on I did! Once I was on, the kids were laughing a bit, and I was confused as to why this was happening?! Then as I turned around, I realized Jeremiah had followed me on the bus! (I’ve always had a strange attachment to animals!) He followed me on the bus, and my mom had to come and drag him off so I could have my first bus ride and get to school!

  2. Most memorable first day of school …
    I had the flu for the first day of high school. Full fledged vomiting, feverish flu. It pretty much sucked. Actually, it very much sucked — I was DEVASTATED. I had romanticized the idea of high school so much, and was sure that missing this first big day and having to wear my “first day of school outfit” on the second day instead of the first was going to absolutely ruin my high school career. What’s more, as the day went on I remember laying in bed with a growing feeling of mortification, thinking of what it would be like to show up a day or two after classes began, sure that everyone would think that I was a stupid lost freshman who simply hadn’t been able to find her classes on the first day.

  3. Fourth grade ~ we enjoyed each year the whole new outfit/first day thing. But THIS year, this year was a BRAND new school, just built, I had a really cool teacher, and the dreamy “Marty” was in my class ~ PLUS my best friend Nora, not to mention I got to not only be a safety, with the bright orange belt, but I was a flag guardian, and would get to say the pledge of allegiance for everyone over the loud speaker!! SO cool. And my new dress was EVEN COOLER. Okay, it was in the 60’s, not the weather, but the year, and I had on a dress that had zippers up the sleeves, on the sides, in the front, it was a plain off white, but the zippers certainly made a statement! I felt like CHER! I could hardly wait for my friend to get on the bus, to show her my new dress ~ and when she did, I held out my arm to show her the cool zippers, when something looked ‘off’…and my heart fell between my ankles as I realized MY DRESS WAS ON INSIDE OUT! I still had a great year that year ~ but now, at 50, my husband STILL teases me about leaving my clothes inside out…

  4. Hey friends. I don’t have a memory, but we just wanted to say congrats on the first day. The pics on flickr made us choke up a bit. So beautiful! Have a great 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc days at school!
    Much love from the mosterds

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