Nap time blabbering

I’m getting used to this whole Mac thing. The hardest part is not being able to automatically know where everything is. Files look different and are in strange places and although the programs are much smoother and way nicer to work with – they’re still new and take some getting used to.
I played around with our FlipVideo this morning to figure it all out on the Mac and am pleased with myself that I could figure out how to get the videos from the camera right on to flickr with the Mac. Yay for me.
Pretty soon I’m going to be doing a few features like the Andy Anderson How To column in the movie, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. (Love that movie, by the way) I would love some suggestions – things you want me to try to figure out or “How To” do … they can be small and simple or outlandish and way too involved. I’m up for the challenge, although I probably won’t do them all – I’d still love to know what’s on your mind.
We’re getting ready to sell our home and I think I’ll do a How To feature on “Staging Your Home to Sell” so it sells faster. I’ve enlisted the help of some friends and family who have the ‘decorating touch’ so this is going to be fun.
For right now – how about the How To on sending your mix-matched, swollen eyed 3 year old to Spanish preschool. Yea, I got that covered.
Jessica went to school this morning in striped tights, a hot pink skirt, purple striped shirt with a black and blue eye (from falling at the play ground … into my fist, no just kidding! It was the slide, THE SLIDE!) and some awesomely pink velcro shoes. She was the total bomb.
Aaron has a hard time with this – letting Jessica dress herself or have a say in what she wears outside of the house – but me? I don’t care, at ALL. I was told what to wear and how to look for a large portion of my childhood and I hated it. It just doesn’t bother me or phase me one iota if she thinks wearing a tu-tu to the grocery store is normal, then … it is. She wants to wear the SAME silly dress to EVERY SINGLE family function – sure! Oh, and don’t forget your tiara … it matches.
The way I look at it – maybe if we let her express herself in this form she’ll be more willing to express herself in other forms later on – like through talking to us about her life or really just sharing things with us that we would otherwise be clueless to or too scared to ask. If letting Jessica dress herself builds self confidence and teaches her to trust us and depend on us then shoot, why not?
You go girl. (I did just write that)

2 thoughts on “Nap time blabbering

  1. The cutest things about little girls is the way they so fashionably dress themselves! I totally giggle when I see tutus in the store. Makes me wish I could get away with it. I mean really, who wouldn’t love to walk around wearing a tiara, thinking you’re a princess?

  2. I know what you mean! I’d love wear something considered outrageous for a day and totally think I’m the coolest person to walk this earth šŸ™‚

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