Etsy GIVEAWAY! Featuring Lewasdesigns!!

It’s here! The Etsy giveaway!! And, um, It. Is. Awesome.
Brittany from Lewasdesigns is sponsoring this giveaway and without further a due … the giveaway is a 40 in Dandelion wall decal from her shop!!!!!!!!!
I bought a 60 inch decal for Jessica’s bedroom and received it early last week – I have had the hardest time keeping my mouth shut about these.
I interviewed Brittany on being an Etsy shop owner as well, I’m always so interested in what draws designers and artist to this amazing platform – here’s our interview:

How long have you been an Etsy shop owner?

I started up my etsy shop at the beginning of this year. I have been doing vinyl decals for a few years now, but just discovered the wonderful Etsy around Christmas time last year while shopping online. I was hooked to the online market immediately and decided to venture into being a seller.
What made you interested in selling your wall decals on Etsy, and how have you been able to make your business grow/find a voice in all of the wonderful Etsy shops?
I had my first wonderful little boy in October of last year (he is almost a year old now and I can’t believe it!). I really wanted to stay home with my little guy so I was kind of looking for something that I could do from home while he is napping, as well as give me something challenging and fun to keep busy. I have always had a huge love for photography and art (even though I was an elementary school teacher prior to staying home with my little guy). Opening up my etsy shop was the perfect solution and I am loving it. I love just coming up with an idea, drawing it and making art with it. It is very important to me to always try to think outside of the box of what has already been done, and bring new ideas to my shop.
A few personal questions – Where do you reside? Do you have family? And what is one of your favorite customer stories?
My husband, little boy and our dog Lewa (yes, that is where the name came from) living in Gilbert, Arizona which is just outside of Phoenix. I grew up here and aside from going away to school for a few years, have lived here most of my life.
My favorite customer stories are always when someone comes to me with a room they are working on and we can create exactly what they need to make that room amazing for them. Many of the items in my shop got their beginnings as custom projects for a customer that I have adapted to being available for all. I have had many times where a mom is doing up a nursery for their baby on the way (these are always my favorite rooms to do!), they send over pictures of their blank walls and the colors they have picked out then I get to work. I love creating art that I know will make the clients room a fun room and a place that they enjoy being. I love getting back photos of my art placed in their new homes around the world as well!
She has this very useful tutorial of how to hang the decals as well – I watched it myself and then hung the decal without issue. You can also check her out at her blog.
Now, to enter this giveaway take a minute to click around Lewasdesigns shop and then report back here in the comments with your favorite design/item from her shop. You may enter twice (leave a comment for each entry) and the giveaway ends September 14, 2008 at 11 pm EASTERN time. A random number generator will be choosing the winner, which I’ll announce on my birthday – September 15, 2008. My gift to you!

56 thoughts on “Etsy GIVEAWAY! Featuring Lewasdesigns!!

  1. Hi Jodi! My sister referred me to your site. I’m excited to have something new to add to my RSS feed. Okay, I’m a nerd. Anyways, my first favorite wall art design is the Swirly Flowers. I think that they’re great because they incorporate the color of the walls into the design, so it looks like you painted them on! I also love that they come in green, because green is my favorite. I also like that they come in different sizes, so you can make an asymmetrical design. My other favorite is….

  2. …. the polka dots. Let’s be honest, I do math, so I love shapes. Did you know that if you choose any point on the circumference of a circle and you connect it to the two endpoints of any diameter of a circle, you will make a right angle? Circles are amazing.

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