I have an extensive collection of old photos. As in, antique photos – other peoples old photos that some how made it into antique markets or stores – where I spent hours browsing them and buying them in my youth. Yes. I was totally that girl hunched over in class doodling on her notebook while everyone else took notes. I was writing poetry and drawing fantasy photos of flowers, trees and tattoos I would someday have. I was full of it.
I only ever bought the photos that looked like they told a story – I loved imaging what the people were doing, saying or thinking when their photos were being taken. I also bought ANY photo that had a house in it. I loved and still do love seeing houses, how and where people live – the soul of their dreams, the place where safety is supposed to reign supreme. I’m drawn to houses and architecture, structures, for some reason.
Here’s a few of my fav’s from my collection:
I imagine that this woman’s name is something wonderful, like Nancy or Betty – and her lover is taking her photo, that lover could be her husband or if she’s not married – her long time boyfriend. She’s drinking lemonade or sun tea and the cigarette is missing from the photo, I feel like she should have a burning Cruella DeVil cigarette. For some reason she’s shading the sun to see whats going on, almost like she’s unaware of the photo-taking – or she’s trying to stop it from happening.
She is definitely the life of the party.
This one, oh man. That would be my grandmother (not literally) – I love how in a time when most photographs are staunch and respectable this woman bends over and gives the pose of her lifetime for the camera – completely aware of the fact that everyone is checking her out – and she seems to relish in it. This is my kind of elder.
This, I think, is my all time favorite from my collection – it reminds me of the movie “The Little Princess” and the scene of her birthday party before she gets the news that her father was killed in battle. The hope and happiness before the emptiness. I don’t know, it’s breathtaking and captivating.
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