Midday Etsy: Tea pots! and Sweaters!

Hey-yo! It’s raining here in West Michigan and after getting all my laundry folded (does that EVER happen?) I feel like browsing etsy with a cup of tea, so here’s what I found:
Yellow teapot I would like to take this one camping, or to a cabin. I’d sit on the porch and watch it rain while pouring myself some tea out of this lovey.
Cream and sugar is essential in my chai tea. I use Rice Milk as my cream and Agava nectar as my sugar – with the Tazo Chai tea-bag – you can’t go wrong.
Sea foam teapot Random fact: My prom dress was Sea Foam color – and the only reason it was was because I wanted to some day say – my prom dress was Sea Foam. There you go. My life is complete.
Avocado teapot I have a thing for greens.
Love shrug wear this while sipping that chai on the porch of that cabin. You’re so chic.
Custom Hoodie Um, yes please.
Fleece hooded dress Again, with the chic-ness. I love this.
Jersey Hoodie I’m a sucker for hoods.
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3 thoughts on “Midday Etsy: Tea pots! and Sweaters!

  1. hi there.
    would you tell me how you go about browsing Etsy? Do you search for “tea pot” or do you have some favorite shops that you visit to see new things? I’m just a little newer to the whole thing and wonder how you find such cool things!

  2. Jodi – I’m at the cottage right now watching football with the boys. We were out in the rain on the boat fishing and drinking wine! All I need right now is that sea foam green tea pot and the hooded sweatshirt!!!!! Olive’s cuddled up right next to me!!!!! Wish you guys were here!!!

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