Midnight Etsy: Sea Foam love

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Yesterday was my birthday, details of that amazing day coming, but for now – I’m in the mood for some sea foam love … and here it is:
Necklace this one kind of makes my heart skip a beat. Yeah, a necklace. I think it’s beautiful.
Dress I wouldn’t fit in this dress, but I love the sassiness of it, I’d wear it to bed – looks comfy and sexy all at the same time, which I guess is what girls are wearing in public these days any way. Either way, I love it.
Sea Breeze Earings
Bracelet to go with the necklace that makes my heart stop.
Bird necklace. A little bit of delicious, a lot of love.
Felted mini messenger
We need this Pacifier keeper.
Print I love how her toenails are pointed, and painted.
Sea Foam 5X5 this would go lovely in my bathroom, or my kitchen, or my bedroom. In my house. Anywhere in my house.
Hips and Joints
Girls hat Jessica would not take this off if she owned this. Those flowers, they do it.

2 thoughts on “Midnight Etsy: Sea Foam love

  1. My Prom dress was sea-foam too! Must be we are both just absolutely awesome people … or something like that ;-).

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