My birthday wrap up

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I turned 25 this week. A friend asked me if I was depressed – apparently most people get depressed at 25 and all I could say was No. I’ve spent the last 10 years battling some form of depression, being depressed and suffering losses. This year? This year and the next 10 – the next 25 I’m spending happy. Joyful. Full of life. I’m going to take chances, risks, be adventurous.
The day before my birthday we went to the beach to celebrate some friends’ wedding – they had gotten married in another state and were having an informal reception at the beach – so we packed up the kids in the rain and headed out there. On the way there – there was music playing on the radio while rain batted the windshield and we purposely found and drove through huge roadside puddles to get lost in a sea of up-spray from the wheels. Jessica was in the back seat laughing with glee – in that moment my cup overfloweth. I knew no other words or feelings could be that wonderful, that powerful.
Aaron looked at me and, off the cuff, said he wanted to do something crazy like kayak in the rain and I felt like he had been reading my mind because I wanted nothing more than to jump in the lake, fully clothed, to commemorate this feeling, this experience – this rebirth of my true self.
So I did.
And it was unreal. I have always wanted to swim in the rain, spontaneously – and I’ve always kind of dreamed of being the carefree person who runs and jumps in with all their clothes on. Guess what? That person is now me.
I can feel this in my toes when I say this year is going to be amazing. It’s my turn. It’s my time. Life is waiting, MY life is waiting – here I come.

2 thoughts on “My birthday wrap up

  1. jodi…you go…you be…you do the things that make your heart skip beats…and happen to life…and jump in the lake…and laugh with your toes in the rain…keep smiling and dreaming…keep living…believing…tell secrets and keep some…and play!
    Be young and be YOU…try something new…kiss a frog or a chicken (or both!)…sing out loud…dance around…make a scene in a crowd…and don’t look back or beyond…you only live once (you turn twenty-five once)…and your life IS waiting, so go!…
    (i love you)

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