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Leanne is a mom, a new mother of 2, but an old mom of 1. (How do like them apples?) We had our first children 3 1/2 weeks apart, both girls, and pretty much lived at each others houses until they were about 18 months old. We kept each other sane. And drank wine together. Mmmm, wine. I digress. Now our second children, both boys, are 3 1/2 months apart. Nope, we didn’t plan that. But we got pretty lucky. (Heh!)
She just started a blog and I love her humor – the way she writes like we’re having a conversation. It makes me coming back for more, so today I asked her to guest post here. And she did.
La Voz (The Voice)
He’s kind and generous with his time and talents. He’s cute and I like his shoes. He’s thoughtful and caring with his employees, the tools. He is bilingual and always teaching us new words in spanish. And if Mr. Lopart was my neighbor, I think I would’ve offered to cut the comb-over myself. But not him.
His name rolls easily off of my tongue- heck it even rhymes! Come on people, you know who I’m talking about. Handy Manny is his name. If you have ever seen his show on playhouse disney, you understand.
Manny’s a handyman and routinely fixes random things in his town that break with his talking tools. One of my favorite episodes was when he was called to the city’s Christmas tree and had to check all the bulbs one by one. Pretty realistic, I’d say. But what I really want to get at here is his Voice. I LOVE IT.
When I first saw the show I actually sat down and would watch it with Anna because I was completely taken with the voice. I am not kidding- I would sit down and analyze what it was I liked so much about it. I like its tone- midrange-y with a little rasp. And hey, I’d learn a little spanish along the way. So would Anna.
AND AND AND she would learn how to use tools and fix things. Sort of. But really, lets be honest here… I’d watch a kids show because I was hung up on a voice, basking in the slight accent and silky tone. Secretly, which now is not secret, I’d wonder who it was that did the voice. Did he like his job? Did he do other voice work?? And if so, where could I find it! Did he realize he had the sexiest voice in kids TV programming? It could very well be that I love it so much just because its not your typical high pitched squeaky kids show voice.
Or maybe I like the mystery of not knowing the person behind the voice. I don’t know. But what I do know is that Anna and I watch Handy Manny most mornings and we both enjoy it. But I’m certain that our reasons for liking the show are quite different.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Leanne from Muma Happenings

  1. Ah yes, La Voz. Music to my ears at 9 each morning. The way his words just roll off his tongue like music, yes please. My husband watches it with Levi sometimes (we DVR it since it’s Levi’s fav), and he is absolutely flabbergasted at why Kelly and Manny are not married yet. He’s convinced that they’re “dating between takes,” in his words … as if they’re real people not only to Levi but to us as well.

  2. Oooh, I too have a little cartoon crush on Handy Manny. That lovely voice is Wilmer Valderrama. He was on That 70s Show. I like him much better as a cartoon!

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