Looking back

Looking back here are a few things I wish I could have told the younger me:
Age 5: Your finger will, in fact, not get stuck up your nose by picking it. I promise. At age 25, you’ll still be trying to prove them wrong.
Age 12: You might not want to start middle school with the opener “I still play with imaginary people, and dolls!”.
Age 15: Please, please keep asking those kinds of questions. Grandma hasn’t been that embarrassed in all her life. She wanted to know what a boner was, too. At the Sunday dinner table. With your entire family in attendance.
Age 16: Inhale.
Age 18: You probably should have taken the fact that no one before you had ever biffed on their motorcycle while in the certification class. Way to spend your first $1,000 saved on the dumbest purchase of your life. Welcome to adulthood.
Age 21: You have a daughter! Congratulations! Just wait.
Age 24: You have a son! Congratulations! You should have napped more.

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