Ok folks, here’s the deal. I was the helper in Jessica’s preschool class this morning – in her immersion program, all Spanish speaking class.
I now know how to say “sit down” in Spanish. A room full of 3 year olds will bring that out in the vocabulary. Also – it was picture day. The iconic picture day – the first of their school career – and it was AWESOME. Oh man.
I pretty much just followed suite with what the teacher was doing – and I tried my very hardest to speak Spanish. I can count and I know my colors fairly well. I can give praise to the kids for doing a good job and, as we just learned, I can now say sit down.
That’s about it. Also? Rooster is Guapo. You’re welcome.
I did feel very confirmed in my decision to be a mom this morning. Let me clear this up for you, a mom – NOT A TEACHER. I get the whole “teacher as a parent” thing – and obviously thats part of being a parent however my passion and love for children doesn’t really carryover into the classroom. Which means, I love being the helper. I love assisting and being there for Jessica – I love being “behind the scenes” but, like Grandparents – I love giving all those children back to their respective parents and taking my own under my mama-wings to go hibernate in our house for the next 2 days.
You could not pay enough to be a preschool teacher. 4th grade math? Now that I could do.
Are you just starting to wonder about me? You’re late.

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