Etsy Giveaway! Steel Dreaming Designs Magnet board

Steel Dreaming Designs is sponsoring this giveaway!
Folks … I am more than a little in love with what Mindy and Stacey are creating – I bought (wait for it) 5 of them. Five. That’s 3 more than the number of children I have. That’s some dedication.
Stacey and Mindy are sisters who love to spend time together – creating these awesomely, purposeful magnet boards gives them the time to do just that. Stacey is a part time working, stay at home mom to her two sons while Mindy is a newlywed making her living as a nanny.
Lets give it up for these ladies.
The loot of this giveaway is one of their 9.5X20 magnet boards in a choice of these two fabrics (also your choice of ribbon to match) and is open to the lower 48 states of the good ol’ U.S of A.

Are you a scrapbooker? Because if you are – Steel Dreaming Designs is working on a little somethin’ somethin’ – a surprise, if you will … a tender piece of their creative juices devoted just to you. I’m not in the know about it – it’s a big deal, but you will be soon. Keep checking their shop for the arrival!
I bought a variety of different sizes of the boards – and all for something different. I bought one for our bathroom – and with their custom fabric options and Stacey’s and Mindy’s passion for helping you pick one out – I got the perfect fabric for our bathroom.
I also bought one for my kitchen (fabric) – a great place to store recipe cards, coupons or notes or reminders. I bought one for Jessica (fabric) – with her in preschool now we have paper coming and going from this house like the leaves falling in the wind come autumn. I need some serious organization so I remember which form needs to be signed and sent back today, tomorrow and next week.
The others I bought for Oliver (fabric) and for Elevator Up (fabric) info that needs to go to the office, etc.
They have some great fabric options in their shop – but also? They’ll let you pick a mid-weight cotton and the options are endless.
SO… how do you enter to win this giveaway? Well, you leave a comment and answer me this:
“What are the clutter spots in your home? And what is it cluttered with?”
Do you have a junk drawer full of receipts from the last 5 years? Or is it full of all those cables you accumulate with the phones, the iPods, the cameras … Maybe you have a ledge or a table near your entry door that just accumulates stuff. Stuff that has dust bunnies with cousins – in fact, they’re having a reunion tomorrow night and are requesting some punch – you should get on that. OR You should get one of Steel Dreaming Designs magnet boards and feng shui your wall.
This giveaway ends Saturday at 11pm.

16 thoughts on “Etsy Giveaway! Steel Dreaming Designs Magnet board

  1. I love these boards! I also love seeing ALL the cool stuff people are making and selling on etsy…it inspires me! As for clutter…what ISN’T cluttered? Oh man…pretty much ANY flat surface is fair game. The coffee table in front of the couch tends to get filled with magazines, bills, mail, coupons etc. My office is the worst though…I tend to jot things on little pieces of paper and then seem to need them all, and pretty soon I have papers EVERYWHERE! Plus more bills, papers and samples for my business. Cleaning up the piles would be great, but then where would my cat sit?

  2. My counter by the door or maybe even the kitchen table collect the most clutter… I am sure you have seen it. I have tried making the table look too nice to make it messy/a basket/a drawer. Nothing seems to work. šŸ™ Otherwise other prime targets are the desk in the spare room and the coffee table. Gosh when you have a small house it doesn’t leave many places for things to collect. But it seems the piles get bigger.

  3. Mainly my clutter is confined to the top drawer in my kitchen. I say confined because I purposely and intentionally work at making my clutter feel cramped, restricted, limited, tight, and uncomfortable. Last week I was feeling extremely motivated and I cleaned out my clutter drawer and it looks great! At this very moment, my clutter drawer contains a small pack of Kleenex, 20+ coupons- some of which have expired, about 10 gift certificates- some of which have expired, newspaper clippings of place I MUST visit – some of which are no longer in business, 2 letter openers, 1 scissors, 5 pencils, 1 crayon, 1 permanent marker, 1 highliter, 4 broken pieces to my window shades, 1 bubble-blower from a wedding in the summer of 2006, a pair of sunglasses that absolutely do not stay on my head, a cleaning cloth for my reading glasses, 4 rolls of scotch tape, mailing labels, about 44 business cards – some of which are no longer in business, 5 various post-it notepads, 52 paper clips and 17 other clippy things for paper, 3 postage stamps – the forever variety, checking transaction tickets, about 100 return address labels – the free kind from people without fingers and toes, 5 checkbook covers – some actually have checks in them, a calculator -one that went out of style 49 years ago, credit card receipts – to check against the infamous credit card statement each month – 7 different menus from various restaurants in the area – some of which are no longer in business, a box of security envelopes, a myriad of bills, catalogs- some of which are no longer valid, a few recipes, a ball of twine, about 33 sets of keys – some of which do not open anything anymore and most of them I have absolutely NO idea what they open anymore, about 66 rubber bands – you never know when you may need one, a tape measure – for figuring out my size when ordering from one of the various catalogs – some of which are no longer valid, extra keychains for all those keys that do not open up anything anymore, a small pin-on compass for if I go hiking and want to come home again, a small, but very cool flashlight that even works, 2 plug-in adaptors for things that are probably not even around anymore, 3 packages of gum, some cool paper cutouts I am saving for something important, 4 containers of lip gloss – you can never have too many, about 37 pennies – some of which may no longer be valid, 6 small pads of paper to make lists and did I mention that I cleaned this clutter drawer out last week and it has never been so organized!

  4. I love these boards. It would be a great way to organize all the hodge podgepapers that the kids bring home from school with out a paper covered fridge!

  5. The most cluttered spot around our house in the kitchen counter nearest the door. It gets piled high with junk mail and other paper in no time flat!

  6. Clutter? where is there not clutter in my house lately. I would have to say the counter by the back door is very cluttered with keys,papers,reminders and anything else we throw down walking in the door! Thanks for another great etsy shop to check out jodi!

  7. Clutter is my pet peeeeeeve!!! I have clutter in my junk backet on my kitchen counter…receipts, keys, coupons..whatever you can think of! My desk becomes the place to set things when I clean them out of my junk basket!!!!!! Those lovely boards would do wonders in my tiny apartment!

  8. ha! my whole house!! let’s just say closets weren’t a big thing 168 years ago… and since we currently only use the main floor, there are 4 people living in 2 rooms! anyway–besides sticking things in every corner of our house, we also have several junk drawers…the worst being my hubby’s which has everything from fly strips to old wallets to a million random nails and screws.

  9. My kitchen counter is non-existent anymore because it is so covered in clutter. The funny thing is that I always tell the hubby that I need a bigger kitchen because I just don’t have enough room. I’m sure if I actually cleaned all the stuff off of my counter I would have tons of space. But don’t tell him that because it would ruin my plea for a different house!

  10. Jodi – I love the fabrics that you picked out! As a “neat freak,” I don’t like to admit that I have clutter, but I do have two places that are always cluttered. The first place is on my desk, where I always have a heaping pile of receipts, notes, and to-do lists. The second place is in the center console of my car, where you can find receipts, frequent buyer cards for about 2 coffee shops, notepads, bumper stickers, and many other random notes.

  11. I am also a self professed neat freak so my clutter gets tidied up on a regular basis. But there is one area that I can never get a handle on…coupons! I am constantly cutting/grabbing/tearing coupons only to pile them up on my desk and never look at them again….At least not until they are 6 months expired! All those lost opportunities to save money….(I’m 100% dutch, I can’t help it!!!) I would love a Steel Dreeming board to hang in my kitchen and stick all of those coupons to!!

  12. In this house of mine I must say that clutter is everywhere. I am not a very organized person and I am still learning how to be a stay at home mom and manage my house, 2 kids, a husband plus looking at going back to work a couple of Saturdays a month. The biggest areas though are the bookshelf top right when you enter the door, it just gets LOADED with mail and things I have to file or return or send out. The other area is my way too small kitchen. The only room in this house that wasn’t made for a family of 4 (besides the bathroom but usually there only needs to be one person in there at a time)! I am learning how to be creative and have the biggest desire to eliminate things in the house that we just don’t use and that is slowly but surely getting done. Basically when someone mentions clutter I turn red in the face b/c I feel that all eyes are on me! :o( How awful is that…I hope my friends don’t judge me by the clutter around my house!!!

  13. I’m the paper collector, and it collects everywhere, until it overwhelms me and I hide it. Our coffee table has 3 large wicker baskets underneath it, and the end tables each have one. I recently had 3.5 baskets filled with receipts, ticket stubs, bills, recipes, manuals, etc from the past two years. Took me a week to go through it all and shred what needed shredding. I still have one large pile of “to be filed” stuff and 2 medium-sized piles of “need to deal with” stuff. Let’s see if I learned my lesson!
    (And, much as I’d love one of the gorgeous magnet boards, I’m out of the running as I’m in Canada, eh.)

  14. We have a built-in desk in the kitchen that gets piled high with mail, coupons, paperwork, keys and lots of other JUNK. This contest inspired me to just go thru a bunch of it and dump, file and sort. Yay!

  15. Today marks the 4th weekend we’ve been in our new house, and although there’s been lots of progress, small piles of boxes still hang out in various corners. Why? Because they’re all of the boxes filled with the “clutter” of years past…old memories, school papers, photographs galore, notebooks, bank statements, electronics manuals, receipts, important documents, very unimportant ones…you name it. And I have to admit that I’ve opened every one and closed it right back up at the daunting task of revisiting the clutter of yesteryear. I keep thinking that I’ll come home from work each day with the ambition to tackle them one at a time, but somehow I find myself dealing with the clutter of today instead–the mail, bills, coupons, receipts, our first mortgage payment. The current items are already finding their way onto kitchen counter tops and into random drawers, and in the meantime, I’m admiring the way that ALL of our things fit–old and new, finally, under one roof that we get to call our very own. šŸ™‚

  16. Where to start? Lets go room by room. Kitchen: end of the counter has a bill organizer that doesn’t get used and has a pile in front of it, but I am like you – I can find anything in it. Living room/Office: Papers for the business everywhere! Bathroom: How does a toothpaste drawer get so full?? Bedroom: Pile of clothes on my dresser. Suprisingly, my boys bedrooms are spotless..don’t ask me how.
    By the way Jodi, you have made an etsy additct out of me, I love it. I have bought three things from there already for gifts. Thanks!

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