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Ok, since I’m asking all of you to tell about your clutter, and you’re doing a wonderful job, by the way; I thought I should share about my own.
Well – here’s the thing. I am generally a very disorganized person. I make piles and then piles on top of those piles and then I just heap them all in on big pile – and make more piles. I like piles. Here’s the kicker – I know EXACTLY where everything is in those piles. You could ask me for the bill stub from 2 months ago and I’d know which two papers it was sandwiched between.
Yeah. Aaron, on the very opposite hand is a neat freak almost to a fault. He’s clean, tidy, organized. He does his own laundry. I married a god. Yes, yes I did. He irons his own shirts, ladies. And he’s MINE, MINE, MINE! [insert me cackling] Here’s our happy medium – because two very big extreme’s don’t live well together: I am a clean freak (most days) which means I’m a freak who loves a clean house with floors you could eat off of. I have balance in this attitude, there are times when I don’t get around to it and it doesn’t give me a heart attack or anything; however while I love a TRULY clean house – Aaron loves a truly NEAT house. So we compromise.
Those dust bunnies? They’re my slaves. The Feng Shui of our house? They’re his.
But the easy answer to my own question is – we have a buffet in our kitchen (we also love antiques) that is the landing spot for all papers known to man. Mail, Jessica’s school stuff, coupons, box tops, cords of all kinds, equipment, glasses, and groceries. The drawers of this buffet are a cluttered mess of organized chaos. I know what goes in each of them – and while I try to keep it clean – well, you know how it goes.
Also…My laundry area. Well – it’s more of my entire basement and our master bedroom floor, really. I have an “area” for laundry – that is almost always (always) overrun with clothes that need to go in the washer, dryer, or need to be folded and put away. It simply never ends.
So yes, I bought a few of these to help me get into gear. We’re only giving one away, unfortunately – so you should be buying one or more for yourself as well, you clutter bugs.
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