Midnight Etsy: Midnight snacks!

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Naughty, naughty Peanut Butter Cuppie.
Vegan Chocolate muffin
Honey Lavendar cookie
Are you kidding me? Chocolate chip cookies with a bonus.
Apple Spice fudge I seriously want to try this. It’s fall, right? That’s me justifying. Big, fat justifier. Oh! Ha! The word-play just kills me.
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
Tuxedo Cuppie I’m in love with this etsy shop owner. Can she live in my kitchen please?
Raspberry yummy
Looks good to me I’ll take two!

3 thoughts on “Midnight Etsy: Midnight snacks!

  1. What!? I had no idea etsy had food and sweet treats for sale! This etsy stuff keeps amazing me! and now I’m hungry…and not a lone piece of chocolate in the house for me to eat!

  2. What are we waiting for? Well, um, I have no idea. You bake the first batches of our goods – I’ll photograph them and get them on etsy. We’ll be in business before you can say TIMBUCKTOO!
    Cinnamon Rolls
    Apple Dumplings
    (everyone sells choc-chip cookies, so lets pass on those)
    Almond bars? Lemon bars?
    What else – ideas? What do you think will sell well – we could do some of those Cuppie-ish things, only different because we don’t want to copy-cat, but we could do petite four’s …

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