It’s like a brand new bike, only way bigger and more expensive and nothing like a bike at all

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Internet, we’re selling our house. We’ve been thinking about doing this for about a year and only recently did we decide we have the gumption to do so – to try. The past week has been a tiring mess of patching holes, repainting walls, repositioning wall hangings and getting things un-cluttered for the showings and open houses. We’re moving furniture around and next week I’ll have a How-To on Staging your home to sell.
Get ready.
Aaron and I both have this feeling that doing this – selling our house – is going to be like getting pregnant on the first try when that first try was more of the “hey – you know what, I want kids someday. yeah, kids would be awesome.” and some how the powers at be hear us and go – hey world! Those Schaap folks – they want some children – lets get on that STAT.
What’s our plan? No, we don’t have another house lined up already – we’ve looked a bit, we might rent for a while and look for land to build … who knows.
I personally have never lived in a house longer than 4 consecutive years. Yeah, I did just say that. I’m a nomad at heart – I love moving. Packing? No – but moving, yes.
So here we go – the adventure never ends over here! We’re selling by owner for now – I have a bit of a background in Real Estate – we’ll just see what happens.
My famous last words.

2 thoughts on “It’s like a brand new bike, only way bigger and more expensive and nothing like a bike at all

  1. Jodi –
    Does Green Drink keep in the refrigerator? I’ve been drinking it nonstop, and I want to make a double serving and keep half for later.
    -Laura (Jen’s sister)

  2. Laura – yes you can keep it in the fridge – but cover it WELL and just shake well before drinking – I wouldn’t keep it in the fridge for longer than a day though.
    Glad you’re liking it!
    Another great thing to do, I heard this suggestion from Tracy, is to put all your fresh produce needed for the drink in the freezer – your banana’s, spinach and even mint … then you have it for longer – it’s colder and you can skip the ice if you want. Just an idea. I always ended up throwing a bit of the spinach away because I couldn’t get through the whole thing before it went bad- so it’s a great way to stretch it out if you need to.

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