And the winner is

The winner of Steel Dreaming Designs etsy giveaway is …
yeah – I’m waiting for the internet to get to me on that one.
The winner’s fate is up to my contacts on Twitter – who are picking a number between 1 and 15 right now. They should be getting back to me shortly. I hope they do … for your sake.
I had a few ideas as to how to pick the winner this time around – have someone who doesn’t read this site read all my comments and pick one, or I pick 3 random numbers and you all can vote on the comment, or just have a stranger pick a number.
Since you were answering a question and not really telling a story I couldn’t go the voting route – it didn’t seem fair. And the random number generator? Is boring. And so final and impersonal. So I turned to my contacts on Twitter. Are you following me? You should be because you could be picking the winner right now if you were.
AND … We got the number – Audioguru on twitter has chosen the number 12 who happens to be … SARAH COOPER!!
Congratulations Sarah Cooper! Email me at jodi [at] jodimichelle [dot] com for details on claiming your prize!
Now that was fun. I should do that more often.
What is twitter? Check it out – and the follow me. I’m “jodimichelle” there as well.
Cheers! And thanks for entering!
I think I’ll be receiving my boards in the mail this week – I’ll obviously be taking photos of them for you all to see – I cannot wait. Thanks Mindy and Stacey!!

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