GR8 American Story, Newtree wrap up

Newtree did a giveaway here not long ago – and at the same time as our giveaway they were hosting their own contest. I entered, as did a few of you – and one of the entries is MY SISTER and also Kelly from the comments!!! They made it in the top 10 running for the grand prize.
Please go and vote for her or Kelly!! They have her name down as Jillian Broersma (really, it’s just Jill) or Kelly Koster- you have to email them to vote – and there’s a hyperlink to that on the top, just read the directions.
So – go – vote for my sister or Kelly – and when you’re done, leave a comment here saying you did. There’s going to be a giveaway from my etsy store to TWO lucky winners on October 10 to those of you who voted for either of them.

Congrats Jill – love the story! Hope you win it all!! (What? I’m bias ok?)
Also – Congrats Kelly!! Also great story and I do hope you win, too!
If you entered the contest FROM the giveaway on and you made it in to the top 10 – let me know – and I’ll change it from just voting for Jill or Kelly to all of you who participated from!!

4 thoughts on “GR8 American Story, Newtree wrap up

  1. Holy cow…I didn’t even know I had been selected as one of the top 10 until reading your post! I am SO excited! It’s an honor just to be nominated as they say…BUT chocolate and an iphone would be sweet too. šŸ™‚ I sent in my vote right away. Thank YOU for telling us about the contest in the first place…I had so much fun with it! Finally putting my english minor to good use.

  2. I voted! It was so fun to read all of the stories but one of your recommendations sure stood out. Best of luck to the ladies!

  3. I voted for Jill! Those stories are so funny šŸ™‚ I once packed several boxes of newtree chocolate…one of dads clients….

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