Midnight Etsy: Random eye catchers

White Noise
Stroller blanket
Zipper Pouch Nie Nie Recovery Fund.
Business cards
Diaper changing pad
Mmm, alphabet
Gift tags
Recycled glass pendant Buy 2 Get 1 Free.
New baby
Holiday card, animal parade
giraffe Forget email, snail mail is the bomb.
Great job love these.
Octopus go ahead, try to blend in with this.
Covet this Sea Kelp map
Better than “Gone fishing”

3 thoughts on “Midnight Etsy: Random eye catchers

  1. Jodi – Have you been checking on Nie Nie’s recovery? I LOVE the invites and new baby cards!! See you tonight!

  2. so you know how i am in love with etsy…so i just want to let you know i get really excited about your midnight etsy finds!thanks jodi!

  3. I totally bought that exact alphabet print from Sycamore Street Press…along with some other cards. Eva and her husband Kirk are super nice. They’d be great to profile on your site. They also have a new online store AND they are having a BIG SALE right now to celebrate, and to make room for new items. Everyone who loves letterpress…check out their new store! šŸ™‚ Go etsy go!

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