Feature: Sycamore Street Press

I am very infatuated with letterpress and I’ve been browsing etsy shops lately looking for some awe inspiring designs. I happened upon Sycamore Street Press and was completely taken with their art.
And Kelly from the comments was so right – Sycamore Street Press would be great for a profile! I’ve been working on one for a few days now, little did you all know.
Kirk and Eva are the masterminds behind Sycamore Street Press and from their profile I found that Eva does the letter-pressing – passing each item though, one color at a time, while Kirk takes care of the more business side of things – packaging, shipping and inventory.
Here’s an excerpt from their profile about the art of letterpress:
“The letterpress process has been around for centuries, in which paper is pressed into a raised, inked form, resulting in a printed image with a textural imprint. There is an inherent antique charm and high quality to letterpress not found in mass-printed products. Small variations in color and impression are a part of the appeal of this hands-on process.”
This just fascinates me. I love browsing antique shops and flea markets and I am always taken by the old letterpress keys and numbers. If I had the space and time I would totally get into this as a hobby. The style of letterpress, inherent antique charm, as Eva puts it, would sufficiently describe my style in all senses.
Wait! There’s more – they run a blog as well as another website – and are having a grand opening sale to clear out the attic so to speak to make room for some new designs.
Things I love about Sycamore Street Press:
“Hi, I’m Eva. Monday is the Sycamore Street Press update. Tuesday is for inspiration. Wednesday is all about us. Thursday is all about someone else, and on Friday, Kirk takes over.” Cited
Their new site
They’re work is available in stores (scroll down to see where).
And, from their blog, Eva writes about 3191 a year of mornings – a book and idea that she says “Their photos look the way I want my life to feel” which is exactly how I feel about this idea as well. So much in common – and all across this cybernet we like to call the internet.
Check them out – I hope you fall in love with Sycamore Street Press as much as I did!

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