Heed this advice

Over the years I’ve gotten some advice from people in my life – some wise, others not-so. Some hilarious and others, well, not-so. Let’s recap, shall we?
100% of something is a whole lot more than 100% of nothing.
When in doubt, laugh.
If you have a choice to laugh or cry – choose the appropriate one and then let it go.
Slow down.
Never kiss on the first date.
No matter what, we’ll always be your biggest cheerleaders – so be yourself.
If you got it – use it.
Our family is endowed on the feminine side of things – there are women who pay large sums of money to look they way we do and they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.
It hurts to be beautiful. (My mom would often say this to us when she was doing our hair in the morning – and now I find myself saying the same thing to Jessica)
Sing in the shower.
Write a Will, have a Trust.
Love every single day like it’s your last. Love your family, your body, Love yourself, let yourself feel love and love what you’re doing. Life is simply too short not to.
“You go girl”
Never let a man see you put on pantyhose.
When you want something done, be it the trash taken to the curb, the dishes done – praise him like he just won an oscar. You’ll never have to ask again.
What’s some of the advice you’ve been given that you remember?

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