4 thoughts on “Mid-afternoon Etsy: The Secret Life of Bees

  1. Jodi ~ I’m not a big fan of bees, but I do love the imageunderglass pendents, even the bee one ~ but especially the watercolor acorn one from a few days ago, and the ‘courage doesn’t always roar’ really stole my heart…I should probably take the time to simply look through a bunch them. If you think you might order some, maybe talk to me first, okay? Or maybe I should just order some for YOU! Yes, I like that idea!!!

  2. hey mom schaap! I know, I love those pendants – there’s such a variety. You certainly do not have to order any for me!!
    Love you!

  3. I like the posting title. Have you read that book? I have not, but keep hearing good things about it. While cooking today I had some new ideas for your site … daily topics, like Monday Recipe Day, Tuesday Etsy Day, Wednesday Online Book Club, Thursday How To Day, Friday Random, or Feature another Blog/Blogger? Not like you’d have to follow that schedule or anything, but it was just a thought if you’re still looking for new ideas for the site.

  4. I like your idea Jen, the only problem for me is I don’t do well within guidelines on this website I’ve found. I feel too confined to stick to something regular – so it’s better for me (if people want content often) to keep things loose and laid back. I am trying to work in a good diversity of things and keeping it fresh so it’s worth it for people to keep coming back.
    Definitely love the feedback and ideas though – keep it coming! I’m still working on the How to feature about staging a house to sell as well as a few other things.
    If there’s a How-To you’re wanting, let me know!!

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