God love me

One of the things I love about having 2 kids at this stage in the juncture is how interactive Oliver has become and how receptive Jessica is to that interaction.
Oliver lights up like Christmas when Jessica is around – and even more so when she’s paying attention specifically to him. This morning we went to Crazy Bounce – which is exactly what the title entails. Large bounce toys and lots of crazies. When Jessica would barrel down a slide Oliver would get all rambunctious and kick, giggle and scream to his sister. It was hilarious – and made my mama heart swell with pride for both my babes.
2 kids is busy, tiring and trying. 2 kids is hard some days. But, God love me, (there you go, Biden, a shout out) these two little people are worth every drop of sweat and every tear that salts my cheek.

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