Heed this advice: from your father

I’m loving what mightygirl is doing, as you might already know, so I’m gonna jump ahead to a fathers advice.

A few of them from my last post about advice are actually from my dad or step dad – so I won’t redo them here, we’ll just carry on.

# Always know a good joke, a dirty joke and a clean joke. You never know which one will get you out of awkward small talk. (My dirty joke and good joke are always the same, the clean one … it varies)

# Boys generally only want one thing. Be aware of this. I was one of those boys once.

# Don’t tell your mother about this.

# Don’t ever settle. Your dreams matter and they are obtainable – spend your life with someone who agrees.

# You better believe I’ll kick his ass if he hurts you, with pleasure. (ok, so this isn’t advice per se, but it’s note worthy)

# If you’re going to try it, try it with us.

# Tattoo’s? Piercing’s? Really? I don’t have the urge to, but if you do – lets talk about it, first. (Which resulted in a pierced tongue (twice), many ear piercings, my nose and 2 tattoo’s under my parents roof – one tattoo under my own) And I only regret one of them, in all. Not bad, I’d say. And before my mother corrects me on this – the first tattoo and first tongue piercing were not discussed – I went to Canada all by my lonesome to get those jewels done alone. And paid for it later. Which brings me to …

# Never lie to me and I won’t lie to you.

One thought on “Heed this advice: from your father

  1. I’ve read both yours and mightygirls parents advice and I wish my parents had some of those for me when I was a kid, my life could have been much less complicated and much more fun šŸ˜€

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