Should have gotten this advice

Yeeeaaah. There is definitely some advice I wish I was given. Here’s some background. I’m the baby of our family and, well lets take the gloves off shall we?, I’m very much the baby. Spoiled, taken care of – life was easy. I floated.
Aaron was o-so-wise to tell me that he wouldn’t think about marrying me unless I had lived on my own. 2 weeks after we bought our first house together – he proposed. But that’s another story. I lived alone in that house until we were married and there were a few gems of housekeeping, advice and other useful tips that would have proved valuable for me.
Such as:
That noise your dryer is making? It’s not broken, it just means you HAVE TO EMPTY THE LENT FILTER! Yeah – 6 months of not emptying the filter – the alarm on the dryer will go off whenever it’s being run to warn of a FIRE HAZARD. It’s true. Those alarms exist.
Liquid dish soap – like Dawn, for instance, does not go in the dishwasher. Unless you want your entire main floor to be flooded with suds. Then, well – go for it. It’s a ton of fun.
This one kills me – Cleaning the bathroom and floors once does not mean they’ll stay clean for a month. Oh – hahahahaha! Oh, oh! ahahahahaha! My side, it hurts! Stop the madness! Someone please tell Younger-Jodi to live it up because life is going to give her potty training and spit up and and and … well – life.
Owning a home usually means there are baseboards involved. Those baseboards that your mother was always talking about cleaning – uh huh – they are close to the floor, next to the floor, on the floor. OH! That’s what those are? By the floor? Got it. Dust those. More than once a month. Cleaning off your baseboards can make the whole room look cleaner.
Always keep your sink clean. Your counters might be dirty but for some reason if your sink is clean it just doesn’t matter.
And! If the corners of your house are clean and free of dust bunnies, the same rule applies. Everything else looks cleaner because of this.
Don’t leave traces of your birth control out for everyone to see. We’re still bad at this, by the way – but the advice might have been helpful. Maybe? No?
Label your baking supplies – Salt and Sugar look suspiciously alike. Ehum.
When buying groceries for the first month or so – you do not, I repeat do not, have to buy groceries like your mother did. You are feeding one person, who rarely eats at home. $100 in groceries for one week is OVERKILL. And always having cauliflower in the house – really? Do you even like cauliflower? This is not your mothers fridge.

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