In the spirit of selling our house – here’s some photos of homes from Flickr. I love looking at other peoples homes, one of my favorite parts about being a licensed agent way back when.
Houses of Bryggen
Rainbow house on Clipper St
Low cost housing
Tyersall house Now call me crazy, but I see this and this potential runs through my veins.
House of the Mermaid
New take on a tree house
Summer houses This is my dream, to own something like this – I always see chicken coop cottages in my dream – but to have a cottage business/bed and breakfast with each house or hut or coop decorated differently (but tastefully, no monkeys or clowns) I could spend HOURS thinking this through – and I just might today.
Spain there will be a day when I spend time in one of these houses on the hills.
Ring of Kerry
Turf House
What do you dream about? I dream about other things, beside a chicken coop cottage business – but mostly I dream about lives I would live. Like in an apartment in Brooklyn with a back stoop that overlooked the courtyard – and every morning I would have french press coffee or tea and sit outside writing, or painting. Or waking up in one of the white houses in Greece and smelling the salty sea air before remembering how to breathe.
I like to taste life – with all of my senses. Those are my dreams.

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  1. aaahh….I LOVE houses. Old homes with architecture…rounded doors..little nooks…old windows. Check out this blog I read sometime… Love the Katrina/Custo Cottages..

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